First Responders & Teachers: Your Path to Easier Homeownership with the HELPER Act
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Published on August 21, 2023

First Responders & Teachers: Your Path to Easier Homeownership with the HELPER Act

Helping Those Who Serve: The HELPER Act of 2023

Creating Affordable Housing Solutions for First Responders and Teachers

A Visionary Modification: FHA Loans Mirror VA Loans

A new movement is on the horizon, aiming to reshape the way first responders and teachers access housing finance. It’s called the Homes for Every Local Protector, Educator, and Responder Act of 2023 – or more commonly, the HELPER Act. At its core, this bill seeks to modify the existing FHA loan structure, echoing the VA loan benefits available to armed service members.

At the forefront of this revolutionary bill is a mortgage loan officer and Marine veteran, driven by passion and respect for public servants. This visionary believes in a future where teachers, firefighters, police officers, and more can comfortably afford homes in the communities they serve.

Who Benefits from the HELPER Act?

Under the HELPER Act:

  • Law enforcement personnel upholding Federal, State, county, township, municipal, or Tribal laws.
  • Firefighters, paramedics, or emergency medical technicians affiliated with government agencies.
  • Full-time teachers in state-accredited public or private schools serving grades pre-kindergarten through 12.

HELPER Act Advantages

  • No Down Payment: A significant financial hurdle is removed, making homeownership more attainable.
  • No Monthly Mortgage Insurance: This reduces monthly costs for homeowners.

Addressing Common Concerns: FAQ

Q. Is this a new loan program?
A. No. This remains an FHA loan, abiding by all FHA underwriting guidelines. The primary modifications sought are the removal of the down payment requirement, akin to the 203(h) disaster relief loan, and an increased upfront mortgage insurance premium similar to conventional financing’s single premium PMI programs.

Q. Is this a subsidy program?
A. Absolutely not. All government loan programs, encompassing FHA, VA, and USDA, operate as negative subsidy. This means they’re profit-generating for the government without utilizing taxpayer funds. VA loans, for instance, even without a down payment and monthly mortgage insurance, still prove profitable as a negative subsidy program.

Q. Why not extend this to nurses or 911 operators?
A. The current definition was shaped by the FHA’s existing Good Neighbor Next Door program to gain initial support. We remain hopeful and are pushing to include nurses and 911 operators in future updates.

Q. What’s the cost of offering this loan?
A. The projected expenditure for implementing and managing this FHA loan stands at $1.46 million over six years.

Join the Movement: Your Call to Action

For those who believe in serving those who unfailingly serve our communities and schools, now is the time to rally. Visit for comprehensive information on the HELPER Act. Stay updated with real-time progress, engage in informative discussions, and assist with rallying support from representatives by joining the official Facebook group,

Let’s unify, creating pathways for our invaluable first responders and educators to comfortably reside within the communities they dedicate their lives to. This is our chance to serve those who tirelessly serve us. Don’t let it pass by.

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